Tuesday, May 11, 2010

picture this:: volume one

my camera has taken a dive on me and so until it is back and well, i will be improvising with a series of picture this posts. i think it will be fun.

numero uno. picture this::

i stood at the kitchen counter preparing lunch for the husband this morning. my hair was wet and cold against my neck and i shuddered as i watched the gale force winds blowing in our yard. the shrill scream of my one-year-old took my attention from the weather and sandwiches and to the living room. there stood garrett with arms completely full of toy trucks. five to be exact. five large and colorful toy trucks. his long, round fingers clenched at every available ridge and stretched to their full capacity. his eyes and nose peeked out from behind the pile while his chin was entirely hidden in wheels. his gaze was set intently on the sixth truck which gage rolled back and forth on the table before him. he made it perfectly clear that he wanted that sixth truck.

i didn't jump in. instead i observed.

garrett continued to stand there glaring at the truck, no doubt concocting a plan of retrieval while gage continued to roll the lone truck back and forth. my little blonde boy looked entirely unhappy and discontent. gage on the other hand was completely pleased in that moment. making the most of his truck.

suddenly the value of the one truck dwarfed the value of the five. i wonder if garrett even remembered that they were there as his full attention appeared to be turned to his desire for the other. could he really have forgotten the five trucks that he struggled so hard to keep hold of? i kind of think he did.

i sat there thinking, oh what a silly boy he is. doesn't he realize what he has?

and then i thought, wow...did i teach him that?