Friday, June 4, 2010

sweet summer mornings

summer is here my friends!

we are loving our time in the sun and gage is loving his time away from school. the other evening i loaded up the boys in the car and proclaimed our list of destinations. one included a stop by miss b's home (gage's preschool teacher) to drop off a crocheted goodie for her daughter who is serving a mission in south america. gage chimed in, "but mom do i have to go to school?" silly boy.

so far, my favorite part of summer has been the early morning bike rides with my boys. who knew that i could love a bike trailer so well? i peddle along while gage gives me a play by play of what's going on behind me and garrett sings a happy little tune. i'm sure we're a sight to see and a laugh to hear. but hey, that's just how we roll.



Mandi said...

Cute! That sounds lovely. I am in happy summer mode too, but I am having the dilema of feeling huge, not a small belly I can assure you, and 4 busy kids that are all at different age levels and are able to do different things. Never a dull moment around here I tell you.

{nicole coombs} said...

That sounds like loads of fun! I would love to have a bike and a trailor I think my boys would very much enjoy a ride!

Anonymous said...