Wednesday, July 28, 2010

hello wednesday

last night the house felt humid and stuffy. a result i suppose of living under a cloud for the last week. i opened up my window and flipped on the fan. i fell asleep to the smell of rain and the sound of crickets. the temperature was just right for me to cuddle up to the blankets but keep my claustrophobic feet poking out. my absolute favorite way to sleep. it was a good night.

i woke up bright and early from a dream where someone had been bouncing a basketball right by my noggin. the sound continued when my eyes opened. someone, somewhere was shooting nails into plywood. an unmistakable noise.

i stepped to the window and peered through the blinds. birds were flying, a rabbit hopped right by our property line, the grass is a brand new shade of green and so are the weeds. speaking of weeds, trail's yard is beginning to resemble the amazon and that poor pup looks like he could use someone to play with him.

it's an oatmeal kind of morning which should be followed by a batch of homemade bread. which means tomorrow will be a toast kind of morning. clearly we'll be needing eggs to accompany the warm, buttery toast. maybe we should pay a visit to the nelson's today. that might inspire us to play at the park or even plant flowers.

it's a new day. where will it take us?

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