Friday, August 6, 2010

and so it was declared::park friday

this week has been hard. i recently started working and have been leaving my boys right in the middle of the day and missing them like crazy. it's also made it where we've missed the last two park wednesdays, which used to be a big highlight in our week. so today was my day off and it was so declared, park friday!

we packed a yummy lunch of ham and cheese, pudding and drink pouches. the weather was so nice that we decided to walk. i mean, I decided to walk. i loaded up my fifty-five plus pounds of precious cargo and off we went.

don't ask me the distance or how long it took. we'll just say it was much longer than i remember it being. but we did make it and we did have a great time.

i hope to get to go on a million different adventures with these two handsome boys. they sure make my life lovely.

happy weekend! xoxo, ash


sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

Your on a role with your blogging!! Cudos to you I can't seem to get my butt going on that! By the way I like your taste I think grandma-ish is pretty creative!!

JDButler Family said...

they are sooooooooo cute!