Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rocket ships, growed ups and preschool

this cute four-year-old manchild just started his second year of preschool. he reminds me weekly that when he is five he will be in kindergarten and he will get a puppy.

i'm not sure how the two topics coincide, but apparently they do.

today while i was braiding my hair and the two-year-old was sleeping, gage was feeling especially talkative. he began telling me about how old he is almost going to be a growed up and he will learn how to fly.

"fly an airplane?" i ask.

"no mom. fly by myself."

and then he hesitates and looks up at the ceiling.

"and maybe fly a rocket ship."

and then he looks pleased with himself.

"well gage," i begin "where are you going to go in your rocket ship?"


"wow gage! mars? that will be a lot of fun."

"but i will miss you mom."

and then i smile, but not too big. but it makes me reeeallllllly happy to hear.

"well i'll just go with you then."

"but if you come then gare will miss us."

"then let's take him too." i brilliantly declare.

"okay mom."

and so it is decided by the preschooler.

um...did i happen to mention that i think my boys are the cutest things in the world?

i certainly do.

and in other news.....check out callie's blog {here}. my mom did a VERY exciting update last week! check it out!

xoxo. ash


{nicole coombs} said...

Gage is so cute!! My mom gave cory a Superman cape that doubles as a batman cape on the other side and oh boy is he a handful these days pretending to be a super hero "flying" off of every surface he can climb. Its a good thing they really cant fly or we would be in trouble!
That is exciting news about Callie!!

Sha Parry said...

Ashley im so glad you came out from being private i never sent you my email and then my phone broke so i lost your number we need to get together some time for lunch

JDButler Family said...

two of my favorite girls in the whole wide world...