Tuesday, February 15, 2011

outdressed and outsmarted

valentines came and went out here in texas and we're already on to new and better things. today we're celebrating something new. februween. which as you may have guessed is our version of halloween in february. the boys decided to have me drag out their old costumes this morning. gage was happy to be a right and proper firefighter while my non-conformist child leaned towards the horse slash dinosaur slash fire-mutant look. and i really wish i had been quick with my camera for that one.

they saw their trick-or-treat bags hanging there, looking oh so lonely and figured they needed those too. and if you give a boy a trick-or-treat bag he will likely ask you for a night out on the neighborhood. and when you tell them how that wont work because the neighbors wont be ready because nobody is selling halloween candy in february, he will tell you that it's okay. he will remind you that the neighbors probably still have candy from valentines. clever child. now come to think of it, it sounds perfectly calculated.
this friends is why i so frequently feel outsmarted by my children.

as for yesterday, it was a great day! gage got off the bus and was so excited to show us his haul that he flopped right down in our brown winter grass and began to empty his backpack. it was such a lovely day and the sun felt so fleeting that we stayed and did our valentine exchange there too. we wasted away the next couple of hours just soaking in the warmth and talking about gage's second day of school. apparently he had a run-in with a not-so-kind little girl at recess and we had a good little talk about what he should do. he's growing up and i can't stop him!

i wasn't planning on a date with the hubby since we don't know any good babysitters here yet and he wasn't going to be home from work until late afternoon anyways. but grandma and grandpa swooped up the boys for the evening and we were able to go out for a nice steak dinner {upon my request because i've been having serious cravings for a nice juicy steak} and a quick, child-free run to the store. it was a nice, low-key evening and i enjoyed every minute of it.

but valentines is so yesterday. like i said, it's februween! soooo....
happy februween!!
xo. ash

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