Monday, April 11, 2011


Since moving here we have had many a critter sightings. From deer, to armadillos, to possums, to palm sized little turtle twins, to this grumpy old gus here. We've been told he is a snapping turtle. No fears familia, we are all still sporting all ten fingers and toes. Phew.

We found this guy cruising his way across the road just before the railroad tracks. I hopped out of the hubby's truck and snatched him up for further inspection. I've never seen anything like it, but of course I've never really had a one-on-one with a turtle in Texas either. He retracted all his limbs and closed up shop. Literally closed up shop. There wasn't even a hairline slit in that shell, he's like a gosh darn armored tank.

We took him home and the boys had a fun time watching him and trying to force him to eat their lettuce. He never touched the stuff. We let him loose and he burrowed into our flower garden under one of the shadier bushes. He must have cooled down and rested up because when we went back he was long gone. I can truly say I don't understand why turtles are known to be slow. This guy surely was not.

See what I mean, a tank? {You're probably busy admiring that fancy band aid aren't you?}

And here's a few shots of some of the less slimy and/or hairy critters we have around these parts. Notice the one on the trampoline wrastlin with the hubby? He's one of the feistier ones. The little boy on the right is my brothers son Trenton. We sure do love having them near by.

What kind of critters do you find lurking around your house?


Aunt Tiff said...

At our house I have 12 little critters that call me mom:)

Kiley Stephens said...

I actually got bit by a snapping turtle on my finger and it hurt soooo bad! he would NOT let go my stepdad had to run and get plyers and right when he got back with them he let go.