Sunday, April 24, 2011

a happy easter sunday to you

after church today we made a quick stop by that old building i told you about last week. it is amazing. i wanted a few photos of the boys on Easter Sunday {even though i went to no extreme measures this year to dress them up}. i decided this year would be low key so we would have more opportunity to talk and learn about the true meaning of Easter.

and we did have quite a few good discussions. but let me tell you, explaining the concept of resurrection to two small boys is nothing short of interesting. and a few times i thought to myself...maybe this should wait. but then on Saturday night as they were climbing into bed gage tells me "i think that the most important thing in the world is to follow God's plan. and i think that Jesus is the best part of Easter."

and then i remembered that these little people are so much more understanding of these sacred things than we sometimes give them credit for.

our church meetings were lovely. i loved singing the Easter hymns. Easter is just such a tender day for me. we teach and learn of Christ in our home all through the year but it always seems that the sacrifice feels so poignant on this day especially.

i love my Savior and i am forever and ever grateful for the life that he lived and gave so freely for simple little me.

i hope that your Easter has been full of love and family and friends.

xo. ash

p.s. here is an excellent Easter message.

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Devin and Melinda said...

Happy Easter Sunday to you too! I have a few buildings that I really want to get pictures of too! We were driving from downtown Nashville to Franklin, where the temple is, and I think next time we make that drive I'll record the whole drive on is absolutely stunning!!
We miss having you guys as neighbors!