Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a project and a tiny peek

i've been working on my girl stash since my first pregnancy. nothing big and fancy just little things here and there that i just thought i couldn't live without and if i never did have a girl, well then it wouldn't be much of a loss.

so this little bitty lamp i picked up at the dollar store in arizona a year or more ago. it was marked down and i want to say i paid two dollars for it. it had some ugly fabric on it but i loved the size and the white porcelain base.

today i finally gave it a facelift. i carefully pulled off all of the fabric so that i could save it as a guide. once it was all naked {photo above} i cut out my fabric, some debby mumm polka dots that i've had in my fabric stash, and whipped out my trusty glue gun. it was pretty simple and my one regret is that i didn't start with a wider trim. live and learn.

here she is all prettied up. sitting with the rest of the mess that is the future nursery. slowly but surely i will get there.

here is the crib that i got online a few months ago for a steal. it's pretty much exactly what i wanted::white and simple. and then there's the quilt that i need to bind. i'm looking for some pretty yellow fabric. any ideas?

and now for the best part of the room. prepare yourselves....

i call him beuford.

true story. a few days ago i asked the hubby what he wanted to do with his deer mount.

"i want to take it off the wall but i don't know where to put it." i encouraged.

"well why don't we just leave it in there? seriously."


and that my friends is why the women are left to the decorating. can you imagine? i figure i'll cook him up a big dinner one of these nights and re-approach the subject. wish me luck!

xoxo. ash


Lacey said...

Hahahahaha! Beuford!! Love it! Just hang something from his antlers and you've got yourself a mobile.
Seriously, though. Beuford or no Beuford, this is going to be one sweet little girl room!!

JDButler Family said...

sweet <3

Devin and Melinda said...

Ha ha, that would be tough to work with...

Taralee said...

oh goodness. you made me laugh. beuford. classy name for such a classy peice of "art". i fear that one day trace will bring one home and force it to go upon a wall...hopefully in a dark closet. :)
in higher hopes: you could always use the antlers as hangers. maybe accesorize it with crystals or something snazzy like that. OR a bambi theme...except...i think bambi lives.

katilanae said...

Ok so I'm loving your quilt!!!! It is too cute. I'm sure you are crazy busy but is there any way I could see more pics of it front and back so I could see how you did it? Love the fabric too! I just got into quilting but I hate how expensive it is! If you get a chance I would love to see more pics if not no worries! Thanks!!!

Raelene said...

Ashley, this is a good site for fabric I found last year.