Monday, August 22, 2011

he can be loud all by himself

we woke up bright and early this morning to get gage off to school in time for his first day! he was so excited to put on his new clothes and load his snack up in his backpack. he is very particular about his appearance and boy was he sure to make today perfect. he tugged and tugged at his jeans until the hem was just at the right place on his shoes, he made me button his top button even though i tried to talk him out of it and after he finished brushing his teeth he asked me "do they look all clean?" i reassured him that they did and he said "do they really?" like mom was just going to send him off with waffles stuck to his pearly whites.

i coaxed him outside for a few pictures and out ran the three-year-old to join him. the three-year-old is several times less particular. note the bedhead and the mouth still full of breakfast? he doesn't care at all. he just wants to be right there with his big brother.

we dropped the kindergartner off without a hitch. he found his desk and sat himself down to color. i know he'll do awesome! it's going to be a looong day for mom, three fifteen can't come soon enough. but i know he is going to love it!

when we got home i told little blondie boy that it was just too quiet in the house with only one boy. to which he promptly and enthusiastically responded "i can be loud!"

and that he can. no lies there.

on today's agenda:: a doctor's appointment {28 weeks}, a trip to the store, crochet orders and just enjoying my time with my one loud boy.

happy monday!


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Karm said...

I just started reading your blog. Your sons are too cute. I hope he had a great first day of Kindergarten. (: