Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the five-year-old's little monster

some days it feels a lot like pulling teeth to get the five-year-old to sit down with me and go over the contents of his backpack. {except on days when he has a book order slip of course.} i think it's mostly because getting him to do anything that involves being still is a challenge after those seven long hours of school. so this day was extra special when he drug me to the couch and opened up his folder to show me his art.

i fell in love. i have to say it is by far my favorite of the art projects he has brought home. it is water colors and crayons and i just love the colors and super love the expression his little monster has. i've been debating how i should go about displaying him and this afternoon i finally put him on the wall with help from some clothespins and a handy dandy command strip. {those things are amazing!}

i love that both of my boys are so big into creating. i love that they can translate their imaginations into artwork and forts and book towers or whatever else it may be. they never cease to impress me with what they are capable of.

in case you are wondering, i just really think that my children are quite amazing.

i also think that this monster looks like the sweetest little monster i have ever seen.

happy tuesday!


Lacey said...

That's fantastic. You need to check out this amazing website I found yesterday. People send them drawings their children have done and they make a plush version. You could totally do that! And that amazing monster would look great as a plush toy. Way to go, Gage!

Mary said...

That drawing totally looks like an illustration out of "Where the Wild Things Are." Just as good as the ones in the book!