Friday, March 2, 2012

a quick little word about our trip

let me start by saying that we have never really planned our own little family vacation before. we've always tagged along with my family or the hubby's family and all of our road trips since we moved to texas have been to visit family back in arizona. so this was really super fun for us!

one day matthew just kind of out of the blue asked me what i thought about going to the great wolf lodge here in texas. i had never heard of it but i checked out the website and thought it looked like something the boys would love. an indoor water park, bedtime stories, a room with a "wolf den" inside of pretty much can't go wrong. so he checked all of our schedules and booked a night for us. it just happened that he had some time off around the same date as our anniversary so rather than having a date night, we packed up the kiddos and made a family event of it.

we had a great time! first thing we got there we unloaded our bags, threw on our swimsuits and headed out to the water park. the boys loved splashing around in all of the different kiddie pools and splash areas and even braving the smaller slides. even kelsie enjoyed hanging out in the water. the three-year-old wasn't tall enough for the bigger tube rides, and the five-year-old would have nothing to do with them the first day. they must have looked like the alps to him. it wasn't until the second day that we got him to try them out and then you just really couldn't keep him away! we got good and waterlogged while we were there.

they also had tons of things to do around the hotel. we didn't do a whole lot of that because the guppies just wanted to swim, but we did enjoy story time in our pajamas and made our way through a few of the shops. we had thought that one night, and two days of play would be plenty, but we were wishing we had more time once it came time to leave. we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

on our way home we stopped at the hubby's new found restaurant crush, fuzzy's taco shop. he discovered it a few months ago while in the dallas area for a paramedic refresher course. oh my goodness is it yummy! it's the best mexican food we have had since we've been in texas. mexican food was a staple for us in arizona and neither one of us really goes crazy for tex mex, so this was like hitting the jackpot. i actually have caught myself craving their bean burritos, which is awesome because for the past seventeen months the only burritos i've had a craving for are over seventeen hours away. i can't wait to go back again!

it was a short little trip but we had a great time. the hubs and i are almost as cool as the grandmas and grandpas now. almost.

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