Monday, June 4, 2012

seven rhymes with heaven

this girl is turning into quite the character these days.  once upon a time her big brothers could pick and choose which toys she could play with.  but those days have sailed right on by and they know if they mess with her they are going to get an earful with a side of major tude.

her favorite place to be is in the bathtub.  her favorite food is vanilla yogurt.  her favorite toy is still her squishy book.  or just give her a crinkly window envelope and she'll be good to go.  she's claimed part ownership of her daddy's iphone and loves to shake her booty and wiggle her toes whenever he lets her watch the gummy bear clip on youtube.  she has a special little bond with our tilly dog.  despite my best efforts, she still sneaks her little hands over to her for a good lickin' any chance she gets.  it must tickle because it always gets her to giggling.  i have a feeling those two are going to be good gal pals in the years to come.

she's fast approaching the seven month mark!  seven rhymes with heaven and that is exactly what it has felt like to have her in our family.  we can't wait to take her to arizona at the end of the month and finally show her off to all of her anxiously waiting family.  yippee!

happy monday everyone!

xoxo. ash

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