Friday, September 21, 2012

friday night babble

it is friday night and from the sudden sound of silence, i think hallsville's homecoming game just ended.  i don't know, maybe some people get annoyed at the sound of the high school band and commentators echoing across the neighborhood on friday nights but i actually enjoy it. 

my house looks like a war zone.  every room is at least half packed.  the half unpacked portions are all a confused mess.  poor kelsie has spent a lot of time at the back door hoping for someone to play with while her brothers are at school and her mom is, well, preoccupied.  she's also consumed a lot of stale cereal from the floor.  mother of the year nominations will be accepted later.

this is our last friday night in this house.  the cool mom side of me wanted to take the boys to pick out a movie rental and ice-cream to commemorate the occasion whereas the mentally, physically and emotionally pooped mom was begging for an early bed time.  the uncool mom won out.  and wouldn't you know i've basically accomplished nothing since tucking them in.  i played with packing tape for about twenty-two-ish minutes and i listened to this song about six times.  it's peaceful and tonight that is exactly what i need.

tomorrow is another day of soccer games.  the six-year-old and four-year-old play at the exact same time which means i will be running, or perhaps briskly walking, from one field to the other in an attempt not to miss a single special moment.  if only i could figure out a way to be everywhere i needed to be when i needed to be there.  surely someone out there is working on that.

and speaking of places i need to be, i think my bed is calling me.

sleep tight.

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