Thursday, September 27, 2012

life in full swing

i feel the way garrett looks.  only i don't actually look as cute.  this past week has been brutal on me.  i apologize that my blog is turning into a sob story as of late, but holy cow!  i feel like life just trampled over me and then ran a few laps around my crumpled body.  soccer is in full swing, school is in full swing, kelsie and her new found legs are in full swing.  okay maybe they aren't swinging, but they are moving and they are getting into everything and climbing on top of anything.  she's virtually fearless.  unless you count those sticky, pokey, squishy animals that my boys seem to like so much.  those creep her out entirely.

the four-year-old scored a spot on the Little Raiders team.  he's a hard playing boy.  at practices he is aggressive and confident but for some reason at the actual games he'll start to shy away from the ball as soon as he's in shooting range.  do you call it 'shooting' in soccer???  i think he realizes that all eyes are on him and the pressure just becomes too much.  but he is so much fun to watch and he really loves it!  he tells me all the time that he is just a sports boy.  his next mountain to climb is apparently going to baseball.  or so he tells us.

and in school news he has already learned to spell his name from memory and write it.  and lest i forget, he reminds me of this fact at least ten times a day.  he can also count to thirty.  that is if you look past the fact that for the life of him he just cannot remember to throw thirteen in there.  ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen....every.single.time.  it cracks me up!  he also has a perfect behavioral record.  the best color you can get each day is a purple.  he has a perfectly purple folder so far.  he's awesome.

the five-year-old plays for the Red Devils.  this is the first year that they have really taught the boys technique and positions and it's been amazing to watch the difference in him from just their first game.  i think that the newness is wearing off and some days he is less than thrilled to be going to practice, but he is keeping at it and i'm so proud of him!  he really does awesome out on the field.  he's an awesome defender.  he hustles himself all over that field and even when i look at him and think that there is just no more gas in the engine (especially since it's still HOT here), he gets right in there and does what he needs to. i'm constantly amazed.

at school he is doing great!  like blondie, he has had a perfect record with his behavior.  he told me today that he likes to be respectful to his teacher even if the other boys aren't.  and then i did a little happy dance.  his class started their weekly spelling tests three weeks ago and he loves that challenge.  we study and practice every day after school and so far he's doing great.  the first week he only missed one and last week he got 100%.  he was thrilled!  he loves to come home and write stories and poems, complete with illustrations.  he honestly has such a fantastic imagination.  he will draw the most interesting pictures or write the funniest stories and i ask him if he saw them or heard them somewhere and he says no, i just saw it in my brain so i made sure i didn't forget it when i got home.  clever he is.

their cousin is also playing this season.  they sure do make a handsome bunch all decked out in their game duds and i thought it was pretty cool that they ended up with the same team colors.

kelsie is my little sidekick during the days and the boys' best cheerleader at their games.  she's been a full-on walker for the past week.  she's getting so steady and can turn herself around and everything.  she walks all through the house now like she is the queen.  which i may as well concede that she is.  i just love those squishy lips and cheeks.  but mostly i love that she is the sweetest and most personality filled little girl i have ever met.  she melts me.  she melts her daddy too which i will admit is quite the feat.

and for your viewing pleasure, here is another look at these three strapping boys.  they got dressed, filled their backpacks with supplies and told me that they were going on missions to save the world.  no world saving mission is complete without a tough guy picture to remember it by.  you're welcome world.  now you can go to bed knowing that you are in good hands.

sleep tight.


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