Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The hunter and the hunted!

After 3 days of arduous hunting, the rough and tough hunter finally snatched his prey! And I must say that is a fine looking catch! ha ha
Don't be alarmed by the crazy make-up job! Matt is in the middle of his archery elk hunt! Opening day was this past friday and Matt was up and out there around 4 o'clock in the morning! He has been going out early and coming home in the afternoon to work and then out again in the early evening until dark. Needless to say he is getting exhausted from it all! We are really hoping he will get an elk soon! He has really worked hard preparing for this hunt...he definitley deserves it!


The Butlers said...

It is a shame we would hardly get any meat off of you though, ha ha. Much too pretty to be eaten that is for sure!

Mandi said...

Your husband is definitely the hard core mighty hunter. I couldn't agree more about the "fine looking catch" How are you guys? I wish I could see you more. I did the high school questionaire too. Pretty funny. You are a cute little Miss, and I love you lots!

somebody said...