Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My High School Musical!

1. Who were your best friends? Ann-Marie and Toni for sure! Toni had to move our sophomore year but we were still tight from a distance! And me and Ann-Marie kept things interesting all through high school! Leslie, Kendyl, Ariann, Jonni, Amie and Jessica were lots of fun too.
2. What sports did you play? I ran track here and there, but never really was huge on participating in school sports.
3. What kind of car did you drive? It depended what the other siblings were driving that particular day...it alternated between a 95 Burb (which was great for off-roading until the day it got totalled!) a 90 something red plymouth sunbird...or a 85 Dodge Ram (the shag mobile)...and my favorite a 90 something Ford 10 passenger van that never rode smoother than when me and Ann-Marie co-piloted it! (This should only be attempted by professionals!)
4. On Friday nights what were you doing? Going to games, hanging out at wal-mart, watching movies, video taping our wild adventures, taking on false identities, going bowling, eating pizza...just whatever we could think of I guess. And on less fortunate weeks, working!
5. Were you a party animal? Hard core! No not really I was probably the furthest thing from a party animal.
6. Were you considered a flirt? I think maybe I was....but I really didn't try it just happened. I was "friendly" to everyone, which can be misconstrued!
7. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? No, No and No.
8. Were you a nerd? No question, but that's how I liked it. Being cool is way too much work!
9. Did you get suspended/expelled? No, I rode close to the line, but never crossed it!
10. Can you still sing the fight song? If a fair mixture of humming and words counts, than yes!
11. Who was your favorite teacher? I don't know there were lots! Mr. Petticrew, Mr. Hart, Senor Allen, Ms. Russell...I think that about does it.
12. Where did you sit during lunch? All over! My house, Ann-Marie's, Kendyl's, R&R, Taco Bell, Burger King, Sonic....sometimes at school, but that was rare!
13. Name the school full name? Show Low High School
14. School mascot? Cougar
15. School Colors? GREEN AND GOLD
16. Rival high school? Definitely Blue Ridge! And since Kimberly went to that awful school (ha ha) it made for even more excitement on my end!
17. Did you go to Prom? Yes and Heber's once...that was fun!
18. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Yeah not so much! I really enjoyed the experience and wouldn't trade it for anything. But there is no way you could get me back there. Drama Drama Drama!
19. What do you remember most about graduation? Lots of posing for the camera...me and Ann-Marie screaming our lungs out for eachother when we walked, Mrs. Fredley pretending she was going to miss us, trying to make myself cry so I wouldn't feel so lame, oh and the hi-lite...waking up with a stiff neck and not being able to move! My dad had to carry me out of bed and down stairs after my sister helped me get dressed for graduation practice! ha ha When I recieved my diploma I looked like the biggest nerd because I couldn't turn my head to the right! The chiropractor said it was stress....go figure!
20. Where did you go senior skip day? Not sure...I'm going to have to say Moylen's Pond or possibly just wal-mart.
21. Favorite memory? There are way to many to decide! My freshman year when my senior friends would let me drive their cars all over, ditching and going to moylen's, me and Ann-Marie flirting with the freshmen to try to make them blush, saving all our change so we could pay with nothing but coins for lunch (cheap thrills) and just hanging out with all my friends.
22. Were you in any clubs? Spanish Club and Hiking Club...actually I just went on a few hikes cause they sounded fun.
23. Where did you go most often for lunch? I'm gonna have to say Burger King.
24. Have you gained some weight since then? Oh it has come and gone...I've had a baby you know. Currently I weigh less I think.
25. Who was your senior prom date? My man...Matthew Broomall! (It took a fair amount of convincing on my part)
26. Are you planning on going to your 10-year reunion? Sounds good
27. Who was your home room teacher? I couldn't tell you
28. Who will re-post this after you? No clue...I tag Megan and Toni and anyone who hasn't done it I guess
29. Who was your high school sweetheart? I didn't really have a "sweetheart" at school...I had some insane crushes on a few boys...but Matt was my kinda high school sweet heart I guess.
30. Do you still talk to people from high school? Yeah, I like to know what the girls are up to these days!
31. Did you win prom queen or king? Nope...I was cheated! ha ha
32. Where did you work in high school? For my dad, at Holiday Inn and Dairy Queen.
33. What were your grades? A's and B's for the most part
34. What was your dress style? Pretty much whatever I could afford. I was a pretty casual girl.
35. What year did you graduate? 2004...Yay Cougars!