Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Neglected Month!!!

So you guys will be so proud I'm finally updating our blog! It has been almost a month but here I am! Well for starters it was Gage's 1st Halloween! (Well technically speaking it was his second...but it was his first year out on the town!) We dressed him up like a little monkey and he looked absolutely ADORABLE! He got lots of fact we still have a huge bowl full of his loot sitting in our pantry! I had so much fun taking him out and can't wait for next year!

Now into November....November kicked off the beginning of Suns Frenzy in the Broomall home! Our weekends will now be more or less dictated by the Suns and their game schedule! We do love the games though...Gage was broke in before he could even crawl and he gets a kick out of them! They have had a bit of a rocky start but we know they're all over it! We definitley hope to see them in the playoffs this year and hopefully kickin' butt!

November 1st was my dad's birthday so here is his late birthday shout out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I guess he's getting pretty old these days...but he still keeps up with us fact we have to try to keep up with him!

Well that is pretty much the highlites as of recent...Gage is 17 months now and smart as can be! It so crazy how much he has grown and learned in just the last few months! His tubes are definitley making a difference...we have gone more than an entire month without a visit to the pediatrician AND he is talking so much more clear and more frequent! He's turned into quite the jabber jaw! We love listening to him tell all his stories and give us orders! He cracks us up! I had to put these pictures up because they are so cute! A few weeks ago we were over and Matt's parents' house and Gage made quite a mess of himself so we put him in the sink for a bath and he was getting so cheesey! I brought out my camera and the cheesey level just kept rising! We could hardly wash him we were all laughing so hard!

Well I feel relieved to have finally got caught up even if it was a little lame! Hopefully I can step up my game! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!