Thursday, January 31, 2008

Almost done!

Pretty much anyone who has been to our house knows that our office slash everything room has really been suffering and neglected. I finally decided to go with a kind of cowboy/western theme and started trying to put it together. That meant going through heaps and heaps of papers and odds and ends that me and Matt weren't quite sure what to do with! Happily I can say that the worst part is over and our office is finally coming together. I really wanted to paint it a darker color, but seeing as we don't really know how much longer we will be in this house, I figure why break my back? This will work for us for now!

This is just on the short little wall when you walk in. I got the frame from my parents for my bday and the sign I made with my scroll saw. It was one of my first projects so don't judge too harshly! ha ha

The "B" frame I got at the fall festival in Overgaard, I put aluminum behind it and cut a B with my scroll saw and put western paper over it. The barbed wire I got from my boss who has a ranch. Matt really questioned my reasoning on that one! The giant flowers and vase came from Micheal's...they were having quite a sale on their fall flowers! Oh and the giant key I got at Pottery Barn on sale like a year ago.
I made my everything at JoAnn's for cheap! I have to say the picture makes them look funky...the bottom of the panels aren't really striped...must be the lighting or something.
This desk was Matt's when he was little. It's small but it's perfect for the space we have now. The star came from Beall's for like $3 I just repainted it to match.

I love my huge pin board! I don't have much on it now, but I'm sure once the year picks up it will be full! I got it at Pottery Barn and the vinyl letters (dates & events) I ordered from a girl in Show Low. I had a huge empty wall and needed something! The calendar was a desktop calender I tore apart and scrapped up. Hopefully I can keep up on that!

I love the saddle! It's older than dirt...I got it at an antique shop in Snowflake. I figure when Gage moves up to a "Big Boy Room" I will be able to carry on the theme and can use it for decor!
Our futon was a KMart special! Heck yes! I made the pillows with the same fabric as the curtains. I was going to make them all cutsie...but I got lazy I guess!

The paintings came from$12 for the set! And the scrolly thing was a Micheal's find....I just remember it was a bargain. I bought it quite a while ago!

So that's the office. A combination of impulse buys from the past year or so....I'm trying to force them to work together! At least the colors all go right?