Friday, February 1, 2008

Finally a BOY hat and Good bye to an old friend!

I finally made Gage a hat that he can wear in public without giving his daddy a complex! It was hard to get him to give me the time of day for a picture! He was very busy with some important business stuff! He does look mighty cute in it though. And as you can see...he is quite the ham!

And on a somewhat sad/relieving note, we finally sold the Ford! We've had mixed feelings about getting rid of it...but we finally did it! He was a good truck though! Matt bought it brand new when we were dating...he put a lift on it, new tires and rims and the rocker pannels and I know it was pretty much his dream truck at the time. So in that way it was sad, but after a year of back and forth decisions, it's a good feeling to have finally done something! Matt's had his eye on another truck though...he now has a new Toyota Tundra that he is very happy with. So all is well that ends well!

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JDButler Family said...

Ooo!!! I Love that MAN!!!
Grandma Butler