Saturday, February 2, 2008


I came across this picture in my journal last night and thought that I would post it for kicks and giggles. I don't know how many of you remember the show "Growing Pains"....well I loved it! It was a bit before my time but I watched the reruns faithfully! And of course I went through my Kirk Cameron crush stage! Who could resist?! Anyways, this is him in the flesh! Kendyl and I were on an Apparell Design trip in Los Angeles and the night we were leaving LAX we spotted him in the airport! He is a tiny little man! I am relieved to know that it would never have worked out between us! ha ha So this is my tribute to memory lane and fun times!


keilah said...

Wow!! He is totally short. You don't realize that in the show. How fun to walk down memory lane.:)

Kendyl said...

oh my goodness ashley!!!! that is so funny! I remember that! He was the nicest guy, and was doing magic tricks for us on the plane. I look like a fruitcake in that picture.. when i had like inch long hair.. thanks to cosmotology school!!!

Anonymous said...