Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Five days into February!

Yesterday we got quite the snowfall! Everything looks so pretty! I think there is probably about a foot of snow around our house and I LOVE it! My little guy loves it too but he has been sick so I have to be a mean mommy and keep him inside in the warm toastiness of the house! I think he finally got to the point where he just had to see it...he brought me his snow boots and led me to the front door. How could I resist? I put his boots on and unlocked the door. He had a hard time opening it (I think it was partially froze shut) but once that thing popped open his little face lit up!
Getting frustrated with the door!

He won!

Thinking about stepping out into it.

So excited about it all!

Feeling accomplished. He is ready to come back in.

We had a yummy little snack today that I thought I would share with everyone! Granny Smith Apples (one of the most scrumptious apples to ever fall from the tree) dipped in caramel and raisins! It was delicious!

Gage fell asleep in the middle of lunch! He wore himself out! This leaves me with mommy time for at least an hour. I have a little dress to make for my sister's birthday...I really need to get to it. But more than likely my time will be spent folding laundry, paying bills, cleaning up lunch and launching full out war on my refrigerator! It's in need of a good clean-out! So I guess that means I better go.


Fullerton Family said...

Aw, I love how excited his little face looks to see the snow!! He's such a cute little guy!

{nicole coombs} said...

Wasnt the snow awesome!! We got snowed in our drive way we couldnt even leave the HOUSE!! well until that night anyway. He is getting sooo big Ash I cant believe it. And you have another one on the way!! How fun so did you win the battle did you find out what you are having?? If you did you better let me know!!

The Three Little Hatchlings said...

Ashley...Im like who is the Broomalls? Anyways Your blog looks a lot better than mine. Im glad I started though because Im hearing from people like you, that I haven't got to talk to in a long time. Your little family is so cute! I can't believe how big your baby is!

Anonymous said...