Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ultrasound Day!

So the much anticipated day has come and gone! I'm sure some of you are curious as to the results....well guess what, I am too! Let's start at the beginning. This is how I more or less "won" the debate with Matt...When I went to get the renal ultrasound last tuesday, the ultrasound tech gave me a "sneek peak" (as I previously posted) but I did leave out a few details! Almost immediately after the baby was in view the tech says to me "So you're having a boy?!" I just looked at her with my mouth hanging open like a guppy and then told her that my husband and I were going in the next week and didn't know if we would even find out! So she looks all embarassed and says "Well I could be wrong! It could be the umbilical cord." And then moved along to other things! So I told Matt of the whole episode and needless to say, that peaked both of our curiosities! So that is the story of how we got to our decision to find out (FOR SURE) today!

So onto today...We tell the tech that we did want to know the gender and so she set out right away to do just that! Well the babies umbilical cord was wrapped nicely between his/her legs. At first she was leaning towards girl, because she thought she saw the all-telling "three lines", but soon realized that very well could be the cord. So she moved on to measurements hoping the baby would move, had me turn several times, push on my belly, etc to try to prod the baby to move...but nothing! Apparently sitting on a cord is very comfortable for this wee one! 45 minutes passed and we all finally gave up for the day! So my next ultrasound is scheduled for March 6th. Hopefully that gives our little peanut time to readjust itself! So for now I have no conclusion, just cute pictures! Enjoy!

***Oh and my dates were right on, JULY 9th!***

So this is a picture of the baby's legs (feet crossed), it's belly, and the tip of the profile. Let's see how many people can pick everything out!
This is the baby in it's fulness! Arms are curled up to the face and legs are tucked up towards the belly.
This was the best picture of the face (although the copy isn't very clear). If you look closely you can see the eyes, nose, mouth and left ear. Once you can see it, it's the cutest thing ever! (The head is to the left and center...good luck!)


keilah said...

Oh, July 9th, my Maddie was born July 7th. We were trying to have her for the fourth of July but we were not successful at that. Let us know when you find out:) So they were leaning toward boy with the first ultra-sound right??
I loved the snow too!! and I can't believe that Matt had that much coinage saved. That is saweet!! We always seem to use ours for car washes or things like that.

Fullerton Family said...

Aw, cute! I love u/s pics! Yeah, they're a little hard to decipher, but they make so... emotional! Is that silly?? It's their first pics and I love it! Can't wait until you find out for sure!!!

Jenn & Collin said...

I'm So excited for you! And it just makes me more excited for mine! I'm Due 08-08-08- isn't that an awesome date?!? Now I just gotta get it to come out or stay in that long! I definitely can't wait to know whether its a boy or girl- for my first, I definitely could not have a surprise. I would feel so unprepared! Ugh! I still have a few more weeks till I can find out, and thats if I'm lucky! I thought for sure you would have found out through the grapevine, seeing as there are so many of us right in a row! Nana said it would be June,July, August, September..all in a row! I just can't wait :o) And you should definitely come up for a visit. That would be such a blast- now that we're here;) But then we could get to know each other more... and there are lots of Aunts and Cousins here too! So put it in your plans woman!

Taralee and Trace said...

Oh I see it!! I sucked so bad at trying to figure out what the ultrasounds were. Trace had to explain everything to me. The doctor would point, and I would nod, just so I didn't feel stupid...then later I would just ask Trace.
Seeing those makes me want to have another one....but not really. I can wait.

Anonymous said...