Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bits of our Easter

Easter weekend FLEW by! We did have lots of fun though! On friday Gage, Aunt Monica, Grandma Linda and mommy decorated easter eggs! Gage loved it! It's been so long since I did the whole easter egg shananigans...so I think I had as much fun as Gage did! haha And he did do a fabulous job I must say! On saturday morning we got up nice and early and got ready to go out for a family picnic. It WAS going to be down past the rim but thanks to a land slide on HWY 87 it got moved to Bar X Crossing by Roosevelt lake. It was so nice out there so I can't say that I'm disappointed it was changed! I've never seen so much water out there! It was crazy! It's got me very anxious to go to the lake even though I won't be able to wakeboard or anything...I just can't wait to soak in the sun and water! Anyways...we had a lot of fun at the picnic! Gage got SOAKED which means mom did too! He had so much fun just throwing rocks into the water too! True Boy! We only got to stay out there for a few hours because we had to get down to the valley for the Suns game. We sure did enjoy our time out there though! I can't wait to go back! So obviously we went to the game that night, they played the Rockets and won! Yay! They moved up to 3rd in the Western Conference...but the way the conference is going this year, that could easily change! It's crazy how close all the teams are! Anyhow! Sunday morning we spent at the house in the valley. Gage got a serious overhaul on candy and easter toys...but of course he loved it! I can't wait until he is older and we can really explain to him what easter is all about! I love Easter and the time to reflect on the love our Savior has for us and the amazing gift of the Atonement. That's what I want Gage to think about when he thinks of easter and not just the easter bunny and candy. While that stuff is all fun....there's just so much more! So all in all our Easter was very nice. We got some fun family time which we always enjoy and good memories! We hope you all had a great Easter weekend also!
This picture is from the picnic....I don't know why but I love it!


Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

We actually made it through that landslide on 87 BEFORE they shut it down! It was pretty bad! We were in the far left lane and almost got airborn with how the road had buckled. It was good they closed it! It must have been fun doin' all the Easter stuff wtih Gage. He seems to be the perfect age for it!

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