Friday, March 21, 2008

A Great-Great Weekend!

A couple of weekends ago we went down to the valley for Gage's Great-Great Grandma's 81st birthday party! My camera has been MIA since that weekend so I am barely posting these! And go figure....brainiac me, I didn't even get a picture with Gage and Grandma Mac! There was a couple of horses there that pulled a hay trailer, Gage had so much fun doing that! And there was one lone goat that showed up for a little while. Mister was very interested in the goat until we got too close to it and he turned into a little chicken! ha ha I'll give him a break though since that was his first introduction to goats and they are quite interesting little creatures! There were volleyball games, football and basketball games going on all around us and Gage kept trying to throw himself in from time to time! He kept mom very busy! Dad of course was somewhere playing something....not a whole lot of help! Isn't that the way these things go though? By the end of the day Gage had completely tuckered himself out and wound up in the grass next to his auntie Amber, snoozing away! We sure did have fun!

The horses and trailer....if you look close you can see Gage on there!
My boy and his aunties, Amber and Hayden
The horses were in love I think!
Me and my studly little man!The Goat
So he stole this in the middle of one of the games....he's a sneaky fella!
The whole family...sans Brinley....I don't think we ever noticed she was missing! Oops!
The results of a very fun filled day!


The Three Little Hatchlings said...

Look at all you cuties! Sounds like fun. I love that one of Gage sleeping by Amber!

Taralee and Trace said...

That is one good lookin HUGE family! I love it!
The horse ride hay pull thing looks like it was fun! I'm sure Gage had a great time.

Kendyl said...

you need to put a picture up here of yourself.. you are all complaining about being oh so huge, and in that picture of your whole fam, you look not at all preggo.. but i need to see you pregnanted!! SOrry i havent gotten back to you forever! but yeah, we are still in the valley, dont really havea place of our own, and um, i dont know what the results will be.. we're headed off to mexico in the mornin... so it'll be a nice break from it all.

Anonymous said...