Thursday, March 6, 2008

Happy March and Funny boy stories!

So far March has been very enjoyable here in the Broomall home! And there is much that lays ahead! I was filling out my calendar the other day and was overwhelmed by all that is going on this month! There are 4 family birthdays, one big family get-together for my Great Grandma's birthday, one wedding, 3 (scheduled) doctor appointments, a fun girl's night of Bunco, St. Patty's day, and OF COURSE....EASTER! I'm so excited for Gage this year for Easter, I know he will love it! Last year he couldn't really enjoy it to the full extent! So that is a rundown of our month to come! Now here are some funny Gage stories from the last couple of weeks! I have really fallen behind!

So this is Gage getting entirely frustrated with a control for a little remote control truck! Him and his daddy played with the truck quite a bit, until one day Gage dismantled the poor little thing! So one morning Gage comes and drags me to the entry way where he has one of his little dye-cast cars and the remote control...he couldn't figure for the life of him why the car was not moving when he hit the buttons! So he handed it to me, I tried to explain that it wasn't going to work but he obviously didn't believe me! He sat there pulling on the antenna and pushing buttons vigorously for about 10 minutes before giving up! It was cracking me up!

Last weekend on our way home from the valley we stopped in Payson for groceries and Matt and Gage picked up this little basketball hoop (Matt couldn't find a stand up one). When we got home Gage went straight to playing! He LOVES that darn thing! He played and played and then Uncle Jamison and Aunt Monica came over and joined in the fun. Uncle Jamison (who is always adjusting Gage's wardrobe for him) decided Gage was getting hot from all his basketball playing so he took off his sweatshirt for him...Gage was in heaven! The closer to naked, the better! He was definitley showing off his little physique! So I thought this was such a cute picture of him "dunking" the ball!

We went out to eat with Jamison and Monica the other weekend at Eva's in Snowflake. While we were waiting on Matt in the car, Jamison buckled Gage in the back with him. He thought he was so BIG! He kept squeeling and pointing to his seat was so cute! He was so proud of himself! Once we finally left and he had to get in the car seat, he wasn't so happy anymore! I decided I better not take a picture of that...not one of his shining moments you know!

These are just pictures from one of our very warm days outside last week! We played and played all day! Gage was having so much fun finally getting out of the house! Matt came home for a little while and played basketball on the trampoline with him and he had so much fun! He was dunking the ball, hanging on the rim like Stoudemire (haha), SITTING on the rim and pretty much everything else! When it was time for Matt to get back to work, Gage disagreed entirely! As you can see from the picture! He grabbed the back of Matt's sweater and pulled as hard as he could saying "No No No" the entire time he was pulling. Matt felt bad, but he had to go. He soon bucked back up though when he realized Dad left his hat on the trampoline and he proceeded to play with that! He is definitley the best sort of entertainment!

This made me laugh so hard! One night while I was making dinner Matt called me into the office to see this! Gage had gone in there all on his own, put the Halo headset on and took the controller! He was very into his game as you can see! Talk about monkey see, monkey do! Apparently he has been paying pretty close attention to his daddy! He stayed in there for quite a while "playing" Halo by himself! What a goof!

Okay, last one I promise! For the last few mornings, Gage has refused to eat breakfast without the company of Pooh and Ethel (the elephant). He drags them in and pulls out the chairs, which is my que to put them up there! He will take a bite, look over at them and make a comment on mom's cooking and then continue eating! What a friend! He is such a funny little man! I can't imagine what my days would be like without him in them! He is the best little boy ever! I sure do love you little dude!