Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Week Five/ Water

So I know this is kind of silly...but I am so grateful for water! Yay for water! I love a nice cold cup of water when I'm feeling tired, grumpy, hot, dry, have a headache...the list could go on and on! Nothing can satisfy like water! And also, who doesn't love ice?! Some way or another you're going to need ice for something...little owies, big owies, luke warm drinks, homemade smoothies, homemade ice cream (yummy!) many things! And of course I love my warm showers and bubble baths! During my high school years...nothing beat going to Moylen's pond! I loved to go there during the summer and swim the day away! And all my life I have had an obsession with the ocean! It just calls my name! I can't think of any better vacation than a day at the beach! Earth consists majorly of do our bodies...and I just think that water is the greatest thing ever and so easily taken for granted! So I just wanted to say today that I LOVE water and am so thankful for all the many ways that it makes my life happy!