Monday, April 28, 2008



1. My boys! I LOVE when we have time to go out and just enjoy some family time! Matt and Gage crack me up when they get to playing. It definitely melts me! I didn't think I could be more attracted to Matt than I was...but watching him and Gage do their thing makes Matt even hotter! ha ha I sure do love my two men and can't wait to meet the third one!

2. All my family! Matt and I are both very close to our families and I love it! He has one sister, whom I'm doubly related to (since she married my brother! ha ha) and I love that we get along so well! And then there's me, I have 5 brothers and 7 sisters and love them all to death! I can't imagine missing out on one of them! And of course Gage has some of the greatest grandparents you could ask for! I love my mom and dad and in-laws! I'm so blessed with great family! Family get-togethers are so much fun for me!

3. My "free time"! I so much enjoy getting a little "self" time! When Gage is napping or playing contently on his's nice to get in some reading, finish a project, take a little snooze or waste away on the computer! ha ha I do love playing with my little guy, but it's the little breaks that get you through the week!


1. I'm stealing Kathi's...I tend to be paranoid about Matt and Gage! When Matt and I were first married I COULD NOT go to his job sites and see him walking along the walls or made me physically sick! I'm much better now though at not thinking about it and just trying to be positive! And Gage....the first year of his life was the worst and I have since chilled out a lot...but there is just always a little fear inside me of him getting hurt and me not being able to do anything about it. I guess that comes with the mom territory though! (Losing anyone close to me could also fall into this category.)

2. Motorcycles-I don't ever ride them and really don't know many people that do...but just passing one on the highway makes me nauseous! (No Joke!) Especially if the driver doesn't have a helmet on. Just thinking about it is making me sick! I have seen a few bad wrecks involving motorcycles and they terrify me! Thankfully I don't think that owning a motorcycle is on Matt's to-do list. That helps me sleep at night!

3. Driving in snow-It used to not bother me...but ever since I rolled my Explorer I've turned sissy! I don't mind if Matt is driving or if the roads are clear obviously, but when I'm behind the wheel and the lines are hard to see....I freak! Maybe I should seek out counseling for that one! haha


1. One thing I would LOVE to do one day is have my own boutique! That's not an immediate goal though because I would first like to finish having kids and let them grow up a little! haha

2. Getting all academic again-I'd really like to go back to school at some point. And actually I don't have a particular goal in mind in that area. There are several things I could see myself doing. Cosmetology school, massage therapy school, or perhaps getting my teaching degree. Again, that is something I'm not quite in the position to be doing right away but maybe in a few years.

3. Becoming debt free- That is Matt and I's goal together! Right now we have one more vehicle to pay off....and the never relenting MORTGAGE! Our goal when building our current home was to stay in it for 2 years (as to avoid capital gains) and then sell and rebuild and so on until we could build mortgage free! Well the market has taken a dive since then so who knows what will happen now! We have been in our house for almost 2 1/2 years now and are not sure when we will sell. We still have more or less the same plan of action, I'm just thinking it's going to take a bit longer to get there than we first anticipated!


1. Vacuuming- I don't know why, but for some reason I feel it necessary to vacuum my house at least once every day (usually it is twice...morning and night) Three people don't make that much mess so I don't do it out of necessity...perhaps I'm a little OCD in that area. At least you can always feel comfortable sitting on my floor! ha ha

2. Picture taking-I feel slightly lost without my camera! I have it on me constantly! I just don't ever want to miss out on a good picture moment! I think I have a picture of Gage from every single day of his life to date!

3. Cards- I have the hardest time throwing away cards of any sort....Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Get Wells, Thank Yous, Just because's....haha. A few months ago I broke down and faced all of my hundreds of cards hidden away in my office closet! I believe I went through about 6 shoe boxes (stuffed full) of cards. I couldn't make myself just throw them all out so I sat on the floor for several hours, reading and reminiscing and FINALLY tossing! My trash can was overflowing! I ended up widdling it down to about a shoe box worth...I have to say after I was done though I felt a bit relieved of it I'd had my own personal break through!


1. I have an aversion to microwaves. It wasn't until Matt and I got married that I could get myself to use the microwave for more than heating water for hot chocolate or popping popcorn! Even then I had a hard time doing things such as defrosting meat, heating left-overs or heating frozen things such as burritos and corn dogs. I still refuse to cook veggies, ramen or pastas in it. I would much rather not have to use the microwave at all...but who can argue with it being a huge time saver?!

2. I have broken so many bones in my life that I honestly can't count at this point! I was what you call a tomboy when I was little which led to several injuries. I have however managed to stay broken bone free since I was about 14. Yay me!

3. It used to take me over 30 minutes just to put my mascara on during the whole make-up process! My mom didn't like for me to borrow her mascara because she said it would dry out by the time I was done with it! It was like a four-step process though. Curl and apply the first layer...let dry...curl and apply clear mascara...separate with a safety pin (stupid I know)...apply second layer....let dry and curl one last time! Since becoming a mom, it is more of a 2 minute process. My lashes don't look as luscious (haha)...but it does the job!

I won't tag anyone specifically...just anyone who reads it and wants to waste some time! ha ha


Fullerton Family said...

I have witnessed the 30 min. mascara application many times! You crazy, crazy girl!

Jessica said...

oh my gosh! funny! i used to use a safty pin too! my mom thought i was insane! and it took me forever! ya i think i wore a little too much make up back in the day. now it only takes me like 2 min to apply the mascara! ha! too funny!

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