Friday, June 27, 2008

A day at the park!

On wednesday Gage and I went to the park with a bunch of my family for "Park Wednesday"! We went to the park in Snowflake, which is definitley my favorite park up here. So much grass and huge shade trees...I love it! Gage also loved it, and for different reasons. The first thing to grab his attention was the dinosaur toy! As soon as he saw it he started ROARING! And he roared and roared the entire time he was on it! He loved it! And of course he loved the swings, the slides, the ladders all over and all the free space to run! My little sister Haley chased that boy ALL over the park for me! She was a huge blessing for sure! She caught a butterfly for him, taught him how to roll down the grassy hills and endured several trips to the slide! Before then I never thought there was a person who could exhaust Haley! I stand corrected! It was a nice relaxing day (for me) and I'm glad we were able to make it to see everyone!


He spent the majority of the day doing this!

Being brave with the butterfly!

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