Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Come On Now!

Okay so Garrett's umbilical cord is still on! He's almost 4 WEEKS old! Come on now! The thing gets swabbed with alcohol every few hours! It's just hanging on for dear life! I think a lot of the reason is that his belly button is about 3 feet deep! ha ha He got my innie which has been referred to as THE GRAND CANYON on occasion. LUCKY BOY! Well I'm just really hoping that it will fall off soon! I can't even give him a regular bath yet and I'm always paranoid that I'm hurting him when I hold him against me because that darn thing is still on there! Anyhow! That seems to be my major frustration of the day! Boo Hoo huh?!


Jessica said...

my dr. told me not to bother with the alchol and it will fall off sooner? but every doc is differant. so who knows?

Davis Family said...

My doctor told me the same thing. He said that alcohol actually preserves the umbilical cord longer and by not using it, the cord will fall off sooner. Cardsen's fell off around 2 weeks.

{Ashley B} said...

Yeah Gage's fell off at about 10 days with me using alcohol on it but his wasn't nearly as deep. I think the alcohol is just keeping it wet or something. I can't believe it's still on!