Monday, July 28, 2008



Our NEWEST LITTLE WONDER is almost 1 month old! Garrett has been such a good tempered and easy going little man! We usually hear ONE GOOD CRY from him per day and usually that's because Mom is being slow at getting him his MILK! He is starting to stay awake more throughout the day and SLEEPS LIKE AN ANGEL! He wakes up to eat around 4:00 IN THE MORNING and then is out again until 7:00. Sometimes Matt and I are RELIEVED TO HEAR HIM CRY because it is so seldom that he does! He is such a SWEET LITTLE BOY and a joy in our home! We feel like he's been a part of OUR FAMILY from the beginning! I love the PEACE that he has restored to our otherwise CRAZY home! He's also helped bring out of hiding, the SIMPLE yet most valuable things that WE MISS when we're ZOOMING through life! It's nice to SLOW DOWN and enjoy each other more! I don't think that there is any GREATER MIRACLE in life than a new baby coming into the world! Garrett is a PRECIOUS little spirit and like I know I've said many times, WE LOVE HIM!

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Sweet newborns ARE the greatest miracles. I always felt when I was pregnant especially, it is hard to believe people don't believe in God! Although I VERY much miss the newborn stage, I am not ready for another one. Maybe in a year or so, I want to lose a LOT of weight before trying. He is SUPER sweet though, congratulations!