Monday, July 28, 2008



My "baby" is a month past his 2 year mark! He has grown up SO FAST! He is full of energy, LOVE, wit and undeniable charm! He spends his days making messes, giving his little brother kisses, singing his favorite songs and getting himself into all sorts of mischief! Sometimes I worry that the boy will turn me gray before my time! And then I realize that without him I surely wouldn't get my daily dose of laughing....and laughing keeps you young I hear! He loves for his daddy to take him on little rendezvous with him to work. While he is with Dad he can be a man...when he's back with mom....he's the little boy again. I'm trying to let him be BIG! Some days I would just prefer to love on him all day long and pretend like he actually NEEDS ME to do everything for him! I can't imagine that there is another boy in this world that is like my Gage! He's a perfect mixture of ornery and sweet! At the end of the day when I'm overwhelmed with relief that he has finally worn himself out completely and fallen asleep...I can't help but butter him up with kisses and wish that he was awake to kiss me back! And then I see my dirty house and decide it's okay for him to sleep on! He has proved to be an EXCELLENT big brother and I have no doubts that he and Garrett have years and years of FUN FILLED days ahead of them!

I love being your Mommy Gage!

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Little boys are so much fun, and you are such a sweet Mommy. I love how you can make onery sound so CUTE;)! What a cute little post about your boy!