Sunday, July 27, 2008

Moylen's Pond

My GRANDPA BURKE turned 70 this week and for his BIRTHDAY we had a family get-together at one of my FAVORITE places...MOYLEN'S POND! A good portion of my adolecent SUMMERS were spent SWIMMING there. It's really changed since those days though! I guess you could say they've UPGRADED! I really enjoyed spending the time with FAMILY that we don't see very often and letting GAGE RUN WILD! He had SO MUCH FUN I didn't know if we were going to be able to leave! Even despite the constant DRIZZLE we were able to really ENJOY ourselves!


4 Generations (Garrett, Mom, Grandpa, me, Gage)

Gage roped uncle Marcus into a canoe ride!

One of Gage's favorite attractions! Aunt Brin on board with him!

Our sweet Baby Boy!

Garrett and the Birthday Boy!

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Kennedy said...

Ashley~ Great Blog
It was so great to see you with your beautiful family!! Thank you for sharing.
Love, Kennedy