Thursday, July 31, 2008

A House Full of Sickies & I'm Ready to Crack Down!

We have hand a most UNPLEASANT illness circulating through our home the last few days. NOT FUN! I was really hoping that Garrett could AVOID THIS, and I thought he had, but last night I was PROVEN WRONG! The poor little guy could hardly sleep because he was so STUFFY! We tried to use the ASPIRATOR on him but to no avail! He's been able to clear out a bunch of JUNK today though so hopefully tonight will be better for him! Gage has had a delightful FAUCET of a nose but has been so nice about me wiping it A MILLION times! He is starting to LOOK MUCH BETTER though so we're looking up! Hopefully we will all be in FULL HEALTH in the next few days!

Now as far as CRACKING DOWN...this post-prego lady is ready to SHED THE POUNDS! To do this I will be looking to some old friends, WINSOR and BEHAN. These little guys were HEAVEN SENT after having Gage! I'm hoping for some MIRACULOUS RESULTS! I have a good 15 pounds to lose to get back to my preprego self, but I would like to NIX about 25! I realize it will probably not happen as quickly as I'd like, but I'm ready to be DEDICATED now! The past few weeks I have basically been GRAZING on anything and everything I WANT! Not exactly healthy! So since I have been told "A GOAL IS ONLY A THOUGHT UNTIL YOU WRITE IT DOWN" several times in my life, I'm writing it down! Wish me luck!


Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Sounds like you have your hands full with illness! You guys had better get better because...dun dun dun....there is a very big possibility I am coming through your neck of the woods sometime this week! I don't know the details and if it's for sure but I will let you know! You look awesome already by the way! Can't wait to see you guys! Love ya lots!

Fullerton Family said...

(I do hope you mean 25 total, because if it's 40 total (15 + 25) you will be a walking stick and I'll have to kidnap you and force feed you!)

Fullerton Family said...

Dang girl, 25 lbs. total???? What do you want to do, blow away in the wind?!