Monday, July 14, 2008

OUR 4th of JULY

Well this year the 4th of July meant our INDEPENDENCE from the hospital! Thank goodness!!! They released Garrett and I around noon and we could not wait to get home and get Gagers home with us too! We didn't do anything festive...I guess that's understandable right?! But I did manage to dress the boys up on Saturday (the 5th) since that is when Heber had all of their 4th of July stuff. Gage went to the parade with Grandma and Grandpa Broomall and had a blast from what we heard! I wish I had pictures! Then that night we went over for Grandpa Broomall's birthday and after that headed out to watch the fireworks. We parked up near one of the developments across the Highway from where they set them off. It's pretty neat to be up close and personal but we didn't want to scare the 3 day old boy! So although we missed out on a lot of fun activities this 4th of July...It was SO worth it! We are so happy to have Garrett here! Next year should be lots of fun! I don't want to rush it though because that will mean my baby will be ONE! So take your time coming back by Mr. 4th!

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Fullerton Family said...

They both look so cute and festive!!