Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Oh boy! Matt, Gage and I got to go swimming with my family at Bison Ranch this week. It was so nice to jump into some cool water and splash around for a while! Gage loved it! The boy thinks he's a "foosh"! It's a bummer we have to be VERY careful not to get water in his ears, so he can't really go full out like he would like to. He still managed to have himself a good old time though! While we were there we also got to see some miniature ponies...they were so darn cute and Gage was FASCINATED! We will have to take him back so he can go for a ride!

Here he had commandeered Callie's floaty. Lucky for him his aunt's are so crazy about him!

This cracked me up...he just stood there in the tire swing, not quite sure what to do with it!

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Fullerton Family said...

It was fun seeing you guys today, too! (although these pics are from yesterday!) I always love seeing my fav cousin!