Monday, August 25, 2008


August 23rd
Happy Happy Birthday Monica dear! Happy things will come to you all year! If I had a wish than it would be a Happy Happy Birthday to you from me!
If I had to choose a girl to be my sister-in-law twice I couldn't have picked better myself. Thanks for being a great sister and friend! I love you and hope your birthday was fabulous for you!

August 24th
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom! The woman who has raised (and is still raising) 13 kids, has bragging rights to 5 sweet grandkids, can bake ANYTHING from scratch, crochets better than anyone I know, can sit at a sewing machine and work magic, can become best friends with someone she just met 5 minutes ago and whose hair color I have envied since I was 10! (13 kids and 5 grandkids later, it's still "all natural"!)
Thank you for all of the things you have taught me Mom and all that you have done for me over the years! I love you and hope your day and the year to follow bring all kinds of happiness your way! XOXOXOX


Mary said...

Hello! Didn't you know I've been checking out your and Monica's blogs for months now to figure out how it's done? I finally got up the nerve to really throw myself into blogging; now you just have to show me how to put the music on there! You inspired me, and then we in turn inspired Aunt Lori to go for it! Love you!
Ant Mary

The Butlers said...

Why thank you Ashley! It was definately fabulous!