Sunday, August 24, 2008


Over the past few weeks I have had several opportunities to see my life in a clearer perspective. I have become more aware of and thankful for the abundance of blessings in my life and also more aware of changes I would like to make so that I'm not getting lost in the mundane and losing sight of the things I hold near and dear. My family, my friends and my Heavenly Father, these are the things I cherish. I am so blessed to have two perfectly healthy and beautiful children and a husband who loves us and works so hard to make our lives beyond comfortable. As I see each day with them as a blessing, the simple things become more beautiful. Seeing the smiles on my boys' faces, hearing Gage laugh over the silliest things and wondering what they are dreaming while they sleep so peacefully next to me. My family truly is my greatest blessing! I have to wonder how I could allow such trivial things to overwhelm my life at times. I don't want that anymore. One of the first things I have been impressed to work on is to simplify. In eliminating some of the excess from my life I have felt relief from the control and I can better embrace the things that truly matter. I have been so blessed by this decision and hope to continue to apply it in my life.
HERE is one of the little "nudgers" I came across this past week. (Thank you Caitlin!)

And along with a great majority of you I have been so touched by Stephanie's story (Nie Nie Dialogues). My heart and prayers are with her and her family in this very hard time. She has exude love and dedication for her family and a passion for life through her blog and has left such an impression on me. Although she will probably never see this post I want to thank her for the example she has been to me without even realizing it.

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