Saturday, August 23, 2008


Don't worry, I realize I now have 2 blogs but it's okay! Our blog would not let me put a picture at the top and it's annoyed me for TOO long so I just started a new one. I figure it was a good breaking point as it had been a year since I started it. Now I'm making a book and moving on! So here is our new one that will have all of our current hoopla on it! Come visit us often and hope you enjoy!


Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Ashley Marie,
I love your awesome and adorable new header thing! Did you make it? You have to tell me how! I have no idea and it's absolutely killing me! Also, did you figure out how to make your blog into a book? That would be great! I'm glad you liked my card! So it wasn't much! Things have been crazy here! I hope all is well! Give those two little dudes a big smooch for me! Love ya!

Ashley B said...

Yes I made the banner! And had quite a fun time doing it. Well my cousin sent me to this place

I am going to use it. I'll let you know how it goes.