Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today my mom and sisters (Amber, Brinley & Callie) and my cousin Sarah came to little ol' Heber to visit me and the boys! Being that it was my birthday they came baring lunch, flowers and gifts! Lunch was yummy! One of my favorite sandwiches...Cheese spread! YU-UM! This probably sounds strange, but I kid you not, it is absolutely DELICIOUS to me! I think I will have to post the recipe on {ONE TABLESPOON}!

And one of the best presents of all was Gage having some playmates for the day! He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was completely TUCKERED out once the aunties left! He is still sleeping! They got to splash around in the swimming pool, play in the sandbox, swing to their HEARTS' DELIGHT, and jump on the "jumpoline"! I admit it, I seem pretty boring in comparison! We had a very fun day and are GRATEFUL for our visitors!

Gage decided to hop back in the pool FULLY CLOTHED! Apparently he wasn't too happy with the results of that decision!

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Cute and Happy Birthday! Why wasn't Amber in the pool:)...kidding! He is one lucky guy to have his Aunties come play with him!