Friday, September 19, 2008


Any time I think about the elections this year, I get a little bit of anxiety. I'm not a pro when it comes to keeping up with politics. I really should keep myself better informed. I truly have tried this year to do that. I feel like there is SO MUCH on the line. There are so many issues that are being faced. Sometimes I feel like there is a lot of smooth talk and wonder how anyone can live up to all of the promises that are being made. I do know what are the most important things to me. There are things that I just cannot support. I found this on Lindsay Baum's blog and thought I would link it for you all to watch. While I am not Catholic, I can't say that I don't fully agree with the message of this video clip.

{Watch it HERE.}


The Waite Family said...

Yes Ashley!!
I agree this election year is going to go down in history either way. But, prayerfully the right way. I have anxiety about it to!! That video was simply amazing and empowering. In my opinion this election is really GOOD vs. EVIL. And NO I don't just mean just the canidates themselves, but what they stand up for and honestly believe in. It's so important to tell people to get registered and vote!! What's the use of complaining if you don't make your voice heard. To me everyone who doen't vote shouldn't complain. :) And if they can't vote at the polls on election day the can request a absentee ballot!!

But, sorry I could go on and on. lol.. I am so glad to have found your blog and to help spread the word for beautiful Calli Jayne. You and your family are very inspiring and an example of strong faith. I'm glad those quotes helped, they help me also.. ;)
Love and Prayers,
:) Bryanna

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