Monday, September 22, 2008


Since my last update Callie has had TWO big moves! On Sunday they moved her from ICUF to ICUD because of an abundance of patients in the first ICU Pod. My Mom says it was just like a moving caravan! All the beautiful pictures, cards,balloons, animals, dolls, etc that adorned her little room followed faithfully behind her! That girl definitely has LOVE on her side! She spent the night in her new room with Mom in bed next to her. Dad had to leave to go back out on the truck for a day. We would all just love it if he could stay there with them, but unfortunately life doesn't stop for everyone! There are mouths to feed, and bills to pay...what a hard working Daddy we have! Callie was having a hard time keeping her sodium level where her team wanted it and that made for some concern. But this morning it went down and she seems to be maintaining it thus far!

With her sodium level looking better {along with other factors I'm sure} her doctors decided she would be alright to move to the Pediatric Rehabilitation center. A new night, a new room! My mom has informed me that these rooms are quite confined. That is saying a lot as I considered her first room to be "quite confined". The hospital is working on getting her a chair though that she will be able to sit in and be pushed in. {They have said that being in the upright position can encourage people in her condition to "wake up".} So perhaps she can escort her company throughout the halls of her current home every now and again!

We are so pleased to see how far our little California has come! She is amazing, our Father in Heaven is amazing, and YOU are amazing. Thank you so much for the love and support! I can feel very comfortable in saying that we have LOVE in our hearts for all of you!

Hugs and Kisses and wishes for an even better tomorrow!

Getting ready to make the move with her adoring enterage.

Good bye ICUF! {These are the doors to her first room. The hospital staff let us all decorate them with fabulous window paint!}