Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay you guys! I am so excited to get this raffle started and am hoping for a big success! Here is how this will work:

Ticket prices are $2 per ticket or 30 tickets for $50.

And because I love a good shout out I will give 3 raffle tickets to anyone who sends a holler this way!

To purchase the tickets, simply go to the "Kisses for Callie" donation button and make a donation according to the number of tickets you would like to purchase.

Next you will need to leave me a comment under each raffle you wish to enter. Make sure you let me know how many tickets you would like in each. I will also need you to leave the email address you provided for your donation. {If you don't have a blog or google account, you can still participate by emailing me at and letting me know where you would like your tickets distributed. Please put RAFFLE in the subject box.} And of course don't forget to let me know if you left a shout out on your blog!

My underpaid staff and I will personally distribute your tickets to the proper raffles. Winners will be drawn at Midnight {MST} on Wednesday the 24th.

Good luck, have fun and THANK YOU!


jccraner said...

OK, so here's my shoutout. I think your site is so great! The updates on Callie have been very informative, and uplifting. You do such a wonderful job! How awesome of you to do this raffle for your family, which I know they are grateful! (This is Candace, I'm in your family's ward.)

{Ashley B} said...

Hi Candace. I tried to view your blog but I guess yours is private. Do you mind adding me?
Thanks so much! And since I think I know who you are, thank you for letting the kids stay with you those first few days. We really appreciate it!

Us And The Boys said...

Ashley i left a link on my blog for others to see and hopfully check out the auction. Yoiur doing an awsome job in keeping everyone informed on how little callie is doing. Your parents and callie are truley blessed to have you in their lives and for all that you are doing to help out with the expenses. You have got an amazing, strong family and i love you all.

Mike West said...

Hi Ashley. I wanted to find out if your link to Kisses for Callie to donate is available to put on other blogs as well. I posted on our blog about your raffle and wanted to see if we could put your donation link up to. I hope all is continually going well with Callie. She looks like an amazing little girl.

KEDowdy said...

I am so glad to be helping out in any way that I can! You guys seem like such a STRONG family, and Callie needs that. If you do anything else, I would be more than happy to post it on my blog.

Anonymous said...