Thursday, September 25, 2008


Keep those "Love Notes" rolling in! I am so excited to put this all together for Callie. I have had a little change of plans on HOW TO MAKE IT. I want it to last her a long time, so I am doing it in a book-like form. For that reason, I will probably not finish it for another week. So keep on sending in your thoughts. It doesn't matter if you have never met Callie or if you live down the street from her. This is something I know she will treasure in years to come.

Thanks you all are seriously so AWESOME!




I know you don't know me, but I married Marcus Butler - who you went to High School with. I heard about your sister from one of my friend's blogs, and blog hopped to yours. I just wanted to tell you how sweet I think each of your posts are about your sweet little sister. With being a new mother myself, it breaks my heart to think of all that your mother and the rest of your family is having to go through. I hope and pray that your family can see a happy ending to this tragic event coming sooner then later (but still probably not soon enough!)

Traci Butler

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Callie! You are so strong and we wish you a full recovery!

The Baum Squad said...

Alright....I tried twice to email and i'm having issues. So here is my shipping address: PO Box 1475 Taylor, AZ 85939. Thanks so much. I'm thrilled to donate and thrilled to win. Send our love to Callie (and your parents).

Just me said...

We love you Callie and continue to pray for your full recovery. This miracle has reaffirmed our faith in prayers and fasting. We know that Heavenly Father continues to bless us each day, and we are so grateful that you continue to do better each day. Stay strong little one, and know that we are always thinking of you.
Brandy, Trevor and Asher (Relatives on the Butler side)

Shannon said...

Callie, I am so amazed at what a strong willed little girl you are. I have known your family ever since they moved into my ward, however many years ago that was. I no longer attend your ward as I have now married and now have a family of my own. I just want you to know as I'm sure you already know, you truly have the best family ever. So much love and support. What a great experience for you to be the youngest of 13. So many older siblings that love you with all their heart. You are a true miracle and an answer to so so many prayers. I know so many more prayers will be answered in your behalf. Keep up the great healing process. You are a daughter of God and he loves you with all his heart. And we love you too.



KaNdRa and JaReD said...

You don't know us but I went to high school with Matt. We just wanted to tell Callie that we are so glad she is doing so well. She must be a fighter and I know that she must have a special purpose here on this earth.

Kandra Owens

butlerfam15 said...

My Dear Sweet Callie,
You AMAZE me! Right after the accident, i held you close not knowing if you would live but a few more moments!
You are much too young to be able to express in words how you feel about Our Savior & Our Father in Heaven, but like the old adage says, "actions speak louder than words". I KNOW simply by the fact that you are still here & making progress, that you have GREAT faith in the Lord! A merciful Father has made ALL things available to us, but we don't always have ALL things. WHY? We must act on our own. We must lay claim on ALL that He has to offer.
For reasons we have yet to see, he has permitted you to LIVE! We are SO GRATEFUL for this!
Your story has been inspiring to MANY. Just how many, we have now way of knowing, but THEY are a BIG part of the 'why' you are still here & progressing day to day.
We are truly One big family. One day we will see ALL things clearly, but for today & hopefully for always, we will continue to BELIEVE!!! A thing we can do with much more confidence through being part of your life!!! Years ago, I wrote down these words & very small YOU are living by them!
ALL My Love Now & FOREVER!

(Ashley, I want to put the poem I wrote "Our Savior". I thought I had it on this computer, but evidently not!) I should be able to get it today though. When I do, I will get it to you! Love, Mom ~ enjoy the beach for Cal!)

Anonymous said...