Saturday, September 27, 2008


Callie has been making such progress with her physical therapy! She has been able to pull her knees up under her while laying on the floor, put pressure on her feet all by herself {very important in learning to re-walk}, and just this morning while Dad was tickling her, she actually rolled over from her back to her stomach all by herself!
All of these things are so awesome to hear!
When we went to see her Friday morning she looked so good! We laid Baby Boy next to her with her arm under her neck and it was so cute, she turned her head towards him and got close. Both of them were both so content to lay there next to each other.
We hope to continue to see all of these progressions repeat themselves! She has continued to get her eyes open to slits. It is for short periods of time and very small slits, but still SO promising.
Thank you for all the love and support you have been giving for her to help give her strength to do these things.
We love and thank you all!

{P.S. I am still needing information from some of our winners. Please email me with your addresses AND sizes for your item if that is an option.}

{P.S.S. I am with my family in California for the rest of the week but will still try to get updates on throughout my stay here. Sorry if I fall behind a little but keep checking my MOM's blog for updates as well! Love you guys!}