Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Callie continues to improve daily. It's not any huge steps that she is taking, but gradually she is building herself up. The hospital has promised to keep her as long as her progress continues in this way, and once it slows they will send her home where she will need to continue therapy locally. She is doing great! I am glad for her time in the hospital where every one can be focused on her and her recovery.
Her persistence in moving forward is so inspiring to me. I know that through life I have had challenges, none as severe as this, but I wish that I had stuck to my resolve more firmly. I seem to get frustrated and distraught when I don't have my instant gratification. I like to see results and when I don't see them right away, I get distracted and just let things slip through. She amazes me with her dedication to her life. She isn't going to be content in just sitting in her chair and being catered to. That isn't Callie...that has never been Callie.
The day before her accident I had gone to Show Low for my nephew's baby blessing and then my cousin's blessing afterwards. I sat there as Baby Boy was being held by Grandma and Grandpa and I was reflecting on the family in Heber whose son had just passed away the day before. I sat there thinking what a blessing each day is with our precious little people. And as I sat there thinking, Callie waddled down the pew and climbed into my lap. This is such a RARE occurrence. For the most part Callie just preferred to be doing her own thing. So I grabbed her up and held on her and squeezed on her as these thoughts continued to pass through my mind. I wonder now if she knew what I was thinking. And she so sweetly let me get my hands on her to prepare me for what would happen the following day. I was SO grateful to have had that moment with her. As I sat in the sun room at PCH that day I kept thinking how squishy and tiny she felt as she sat on my lap in that church meeting. And I found comfort in it.
Thank you Callie for your sweet spirit and your strength that has inspired me and so many others! I love you!

For updates and pictures of Callie while I am still out of town go {HERE}


Gay Tenney said...

Ashley, I just want to thank you for posting each day how your sister is doing, I get up each morning checking on her progress, what an amazing sister and daughter you are.
Thanks again

The Ulrich Clan said...

Ashley, I don't know you, nor do I know your sweet family, but I wanted you to know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers. In March of this year, we too shared a very similar experience. It breaks my heart that you all have to go through this, but I am grateful that you have taken the time to share your sisters sweet story. It brings me a lot of comfort and peace to know that she is doing so well. I want you to know that your testimony and the love that you have for your family is inspiring. I too am grateful for the many things that I have learned and continue to learn from my sons accident. After experiences like these, life takes on a whole new meaning. It becomes more precious. Testimonies are tested as well as strengthened. Our little family, has grown in ways that we never knew possible, just as I am sure your family has and will. We look forward to hearing about the progress your little sister is making. Take care and know that Heavenly Father is very carefully watching over all of you.

Kacie said...

Hey Ashley! Im so glad to see things are continuing to get better. Hey I went to cosmetology with Monica and I could of sworn her maiden name was Broomall. Did you marry someone thats related to her? Or am I just really confused.

butlerfam15 said...

Hi Ashley!
I'm glad that you are home now! I am looking forward to your postings!!
All My Love,
Callie love the little Mermaid doll that you guys brought back for her!

Anonymous said...