Sunday, October 5, 2008


So anyone who knows me well, knows that I {HEART} CALI big time! {There will be a Cali post coming shortly I promise!} It's almost like the beach calls to me or something! Cheesy but oh so true! In fact I did try to sweet talk my Mom into spelling Callie's name CALI...yes it's true...I think I almost had her too! I was definitely close!

Well we got home yesterday evening and were greeted by some chilly weather! I swear when we left it was still summer! Fall has fell! Our heater has actually been used today in an attempt to keep Baby Boy's chubby little arms and cheeks warm and Bossy Pants' feet toasty too of course! I cannot lie however...I do love it! I love Fall! Much like I love all the seasons in fact! There is something wonderful about where we live. Four loverly seasons to stimulate the senses! The beginning of each season is beautiful to me. Towards the end however I find myself aching for the next.

This week I look forward to putting out my Fall decor, making sure all our sweaters are clean and our blankets easily accessible, and perhaps starting on Baby Boy's Christmas stocking! And very soon indeed I plan to carve a pumpkin or two for our front porch! Bossy Pants loved cleaning them out with me last year and I think we will have lots of fun again!

As for our little Miss California! I got to see her on Friday before we came home and she looked SO great! She was snoozing away while we were there. Who can blame the little lady after 4 hours of therapy?! But we got to hear all of her latest accomplishments and admire her cute bow! I LOVE that her hair is always fixed so pretty! Speaking of hair, earlier this evening as my Mom was taking her piggy tails out, Callie let out a little yelp of pain from the rubber band being pulled out and an audible "Owie"! Awesome! {When I complained while getting my hair fixed I did not get this kind of positive reaction! ha ha} I am so thrilled to see her making this kind of progress! SO many prayers have been answered!

I will be back on Callie detail now that I am home. My mom has been doing lots of posts and pictures too so make sure to keep checking in with her as well!

My parents will be having a consultation with members of Callie's team on Tuesday to see if they plan to keep her in the hospital for the next few weeks. When they first moved her to Pediatric Rehab they told them that as long as she was making constant progression, they would keep her there and continue to work with her. She has been doing awesome and they have kept their promise. It's hard to say how much longer she will be there.

This is a bit late, but our family will be fasting this evening and tomorrow for Callie, specifically for the healing of the nerve that controls the muscles on the left side of her face and the area of her brain stem which controls her eyes. She is still giving us slits...and more frequently, but still is unable to open them completely. The neurologist would like to have them surgically opened soon if he doesn't see them opening on their own. We pray that she will regain full control on her own and that this procedure will not have to be done. All prayers and fasting on her behalf are welcome and appreciated!

My parents and Callie have had the opportunity to make lots of new friends at PCH. It truly opens our eyes to the blessing that we receive on a daily basis that have so easily been taken for granted. It's sad to see what so many small children have to go through, but amazing to see their strength and the strength of their families. It is so inspiring.

To wrap this all up....California was a blast, a dedicated post will follow. I'm thrilled to be home and Fall is upon us. Callie continues to amaze us and our Heavenly Father continues to pour blessings down on us all!

{Love and Blessings.Ash}



I was telling my own mom yesterday how Callie's hair is always fixed so cute and she is always dressed like she stepped out of a catalog! Your mom and your family takes such good care of her! I have always been impressed by what a wonderful job your mom has done with all of you guys! She's an awesome lady!

butlerfam15 said...

Ashley, you AMAZE me & I Love You!

Hizzeather said...

I found out about your sister through SSB. I am praying for her, and while listening to Conference I was stunned to hear Bishop McMullin talk about a similar experience many years ago. I hope you heard that talk, because I took it as a tender mercy from Heavenly Father to remind us and especially your family that miracles do happen. Callie is living proof. I hope that I can hear about her as well in 52 years when she is a wife, mother & grandmother.
~love from Cali for Callie~

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