Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty quiet day for Callie. Which was just what the doctors wanted. She started off the morning well! The nurse got to see her kick her covers off and then later in the morning the nurse was doing something with her and she started squirming all over, trying to make her stop. Of course the nurse had to continue on with what she was doing and so Callie lifted up her arm and pointed her finger as if to scold the nurse, something she is FAMOUS for doing if she is upset with you. My mom said that these two things were "her music" yesterday. My parents were so happy to see that she still maintains her SPUNK even in her unconscious state! {Many people have asked so I will note that her coma is not being induced at this time. It is all her body's doing.}

When the doctors made the rounds they said that they didn't expect anything big out of her that day but if she could just stay where she was that it would be excellent. And that is just what happened. She didn't really make any big improvements but she didn't backtrack either.

As of now her brain swelling is nearly stopped, they were able to remove the tube from her stomach that was draining blood, as that has stopped and her right eye has been slightly responsive. The left eye has still had no activity but because of the stroke they say that is normal. Her left side may take more time to heal.

One of the other things that happened yesterday morning which really excited my parents was that she responded to their voices. My mom played one of their games with her and said "Callie, here are your eyes, here is your nose, where are your toes?" And Callie began to wiggle all her toes!

The MRI that they did yesterday afternoon did not have a "conclusive reading". Which they were informed is a good thing in the fact that they were unable to spot any serious damage.

As of my last phone call with my mom, they still consider Callie to be in the waking stages. There is no telling how long this could take, or what to expect once she does. But we know for sure that she is making improvements and shocking the doctors and nurses with her strength. That's our Callie Jayne!

We are praying that today will be another good day!

Also, we have opened a donation account with National Bank of Arizona. The thing we most request is prayers but if you would like to donate it would be greatly appreciated as well. I will get all the information together and post it later today. I am also trying to set it up so that those of you who are not near one of these banks can do a donation right on line.

Thank you everyone!


Kathi & Ronnie Bishop said...

That is great that things are looking better for her. I can't imagine how you and your family must feel. She seems to have a way to inspire hope in everyone...even if it is by telling the nurse off! I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!

Kendyl said...

she does look so peaceful. Im glad you posted a picture! Thanks again for all the updates! we're still praying for her!

melissa said...

This is Melissa the owner of La casitas daughter and our family and employees would like to let you know that baby callie and the buttler family our in our thoughts and prayers....God bless you all and take care.

Melissa and La casita

melissa said...

We would just let You all know that the family from La casita and the employers as well are all praying for callie shes gonna come out of it God will help her threw God bless You all and take care.Melissa

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