Thursday, October 16, 2008

{and that's a wrap!}

This giveaway is over and our winner is CARA who said "The tags are adorable, you can use them for almost anything! Maybe attach them to a cute gift for visiting teaching. I enjoy reading your blog Ashley and seeing Callie's progress!" Yay for Cara! Hopefully none of your ladies see this, they will be expecting something from you next month!

Well I am happy to say that the date for the second "Kisses for Callie" raffle has been set! Mark your calendars for October 20th thru 22nd and make sure you stop by The Nest! I can't even tell you how many darling things we will have to raffle off! And you better believe that there will be Shout Out payoffs! This time I thought I would be extra anyone who helps to spread the word about this raffle....first of all, hug yourself for me, and second of all, come get FIVE free raffle tickets for yourself! Woo hoo!

And lastly I am SO ECSTATIC because tomorrow will be the best GIVEAWAY ever from The Nest! Not only will the GIVEAWAY be great, but you will be helping Callie big time by doing absolutely nothing! Yep. You heard right! So stop by tomorrow and see what in the world it is I'm talking about! Trust me you don't want to miss out on this!

{Lots of Love. Ash}