Thursday, October 23, 2008

{the draw}

Raffle #1 {Custom Thai Alphabet Tote}: Erin Ganley
Raffle #2 {Roll.n.Go Crayons & Chalk Mat}: Toni Southam
Raffle #3 {Vinyl Dandelion in the Wind}: Jes
Raffle #4 {Vinyl Lovebird Family}: Brooke
Raffle #5 {Painted Fall Pears}: The Nasty Naughty Nelsons
Raffle #6 {Custom Sterling Silver Children's Cuff Bracelet}: Seana
Raffle #7 {List Taker}: Candace Craner
Raffle #8 {Vintage Nursery Rhyme Clips}: Candace Craner
Raffle #9 {Darling Ribboned Dress}: Randa
Raffle #10 {Neck Heat Wrap & Eye Pillow}: Kathy
Raffle #11 {A Whimsy Collection}: Amber
Raffle #12 {Vinyl Mom's Blessings}: Kacie
Raffle #13 {Vinyl Get the Good Dirt}: Emma
Raffle #14 {Vinyl All Because}: Kimberly
Raffle #15 {A Girly Collection}: Jessica
Raffle #16 {'I Wuv You' Beanie}: Brooke
Raffle #17 {First Birthday & Candy Cane Onesies}: Candace Craner
Raffle #18 {Everything Baby Choco Cream Gift Basket}: Nikki Hall
Raffle #19 {Piggie Set Bow Grab Bag}: Erin Ganley
Raffle #20 {Large Single Bow Grab Bag}: Emma
Raffle #21 {Tiny Snap Clip Grab Bag}: Andrea Gunnell
Raffle #22 {Headbands with Interchangeable Flowers and Bows}: Emma
Raffle #23 {Ribbon Tag Blanket}: The Brazels
Raffle #24 {Precious Bow & Wee Kiss Stamp}: Candace Craner

Raffle #25 {Vinyl Safari Wall Graphic}: The Brazels
Raffle #26 {Dining for the Locals}: Meg

Congratulations to all of our winners and THANK YOU to everyone who participated! You are all so wonderful and we love and thank you all with all our hearts!

If you have won, just email me at ashley.broomall{at}yahoo{dot}com with your address and particulars if you have won something that needs to be customized. The sooner I get your info the sooner you get your super awesome winnings!

Wishing everyone a B-E-A-utiful day!

{Love Love Love. Ash}


Fullerton Family said...

First of all: I know I've said it before, but I'm saying it again: You are an awesome sister/daughter to do this!!
Second: Yay!! I have been wanting that exact vinyl phrase and can't find it anywhere! Hooray!!

Kacie said...

Your so awesome Ashley. You uplift me everyday and make me realize I have so much to be grateful for. I bet if we met in person we would be awesome friends! HAha!!! Thak you for drawing me by the way! Im so excited!

Anonymous said...